Dear Parent, I personally know what it's like to be an overweight kid. That's why I always said if I ever had kids, I would make sure they had perfectly balanced, healthy meals -- and lots of fun, physical activity.

Well, promises about parenting are a lot easier to make - and keep - when you don't have kids! Once I had two of my own, I quickly realized there are a lot of forces working against our best efforts. It really does "take a village" to do it right!

As parents, we don't have to feel guilty. But we do need to face reality.

Unless we do something to turn things around, our kids are expected to live shorter lives than previous generations. But if we knew what to do, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place! That's why I used my resources to reach out for help. And then put what I discovered into one, comprehensive resource for parents, "Too Small To Be Big: The AllStride Solution" - co-authored with John Monaco, M.D.

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Being a parent is not easy these days. But I want you to know you are not alone. AllStride was created to give you the support you need to do the best for your child. I urge you to take advantage of all it can offer - starting right here.

Ricki Lake

P.S. Your child could be our next Success Story! I love to meet AllStride families, and hope to have the chance to sit down and talk with you in the VERY near future.