Achieving and maintaining optimal weight, fitness, and self-esteem requires a comprehensive approach. Ricki Lake created a multi-specialty team with experts in children’s pediatrics, nutrition, sports psychology, fitness, and more - to address the physical and emotional aspects of weight loss for children and families.

Ricki launched, a program and online community created to help children and their families deal with the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. Along with Dr. John Monaco , Ricki wrote Too Small to Be Big, the Allstride Solution. The book goes beyond just explaining the problem, it lays out a simple, realistic approach to help kids lose weight, prevent and reverse health issues caused by over-eating and under-activity, boost energy and self confidence – and literally save their lives! It’s an in-depth introduction to the AllStride program, and a valuable resource that includes:

Our Experts


Pediatrician and father of two. He spent years running the inpatient pediatric unit...


Respected athlete, an accredited coach and trainer. He holds certifications from USA...



Health Coach, Health Blogger and Cookbook Author promoting natural family and child-friendly heatlh solutions. Naomi blogs about quick, simple, healthy and accessible cooking for the family, as well as cooking healthy on a budget. She also authors fitness tips and specializes in introducing people to vegan and vegetarian foods.