Journaling and Weight Loss

Diet journal.One of our favorite features of the website that you might not be taking advantage of is the online journal where you can make a note of your goals, what you think is holding you back, ups and downs and most importantly – your successes!

Journaling is a very simple tool that allows you to jot down weekly inches or weight loss and also how you and your family are feeling. Journaling regularly, once a week and looking back allows you to see if there are any patterns and old habits that you have been able to break, and more importantly, have yet to get through.

Through our feedback, one of the most consistent comments we’ve heard related to success and expectations is, “I just don’t feel I have enough time to commit.”

We’d love to help you clarify that here, if we can. Can you remember why you signed up for the program in the first place? Was this a recommendation from a doctor or health professional? Was it something that you, as a family, felt couldn’t be avoided any longer?

If the answers to any of those questions was yes, then it puts the time commitment questions in perspective. The time is NOW to make a change and making time is a high priority. Knowing how to use the tools provided properly can not only save time, but get you closer to your goals.

Before a kid starts AllStride, we recommend that he/she enter his/her baseline data in her journal, against which she’ll chart her re-sults. Depending upon her age, your child may want your help or may not be comfortable having you do this. Perhaps, your child would prefer working with a sibling or a friend. If so, make sure that person is old enough to do this properly. Or maybe she can do it herself.

How to Measure:
In addition to weight and height,you will also want to record the following measurements, using a cloth measuring tape:

-Widest part of the neck
-Widest part of the chest
-Both upper arms at widest point
-Both forearms at the widest part
-Both wrists
-Waist (1 inch below the navel for boy; 1 inch above the navel for girls)
-Hips at the widest point
-Both thighs at the widest part
-Both calves at the widest part

phone cameraWe highly recommend you take “before” pictures as part of your journal and continue to update with a new picture each week. It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believing. A few full-length photographs—one a front view and one a side view—can also be a powerful motivator. Use a plain background like a wall or a sheet hung in the doorframe and have her wear clothing in a contrasting color. Your child may be able to do this herself with a timed-delay feature if she’s uncomfortable with having you do it.

If you haven’t already, set an example and log into your journal and record the beginning of a rewarding journey. You’ll be glad you did! Keep on striding!

The AllStride Team