Are You Contributing To Your Child’s Picky Eating Habits?

boy and healthy broccoli diet on white

One of the most frequent comments we hear at AllStride is that parents find it hard to figure out what their kids will and won’t eat, especially within a weight loss regimen. This is understandable as introducing a healthier way of eating. It may also introduce new foods to your child and ones that they…

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Refresher Course: Reading Nutrition Labels

female shopper checking food labelling

There was a time when I drank the whole bottle of smoothies and health drinks, not knowing that the 12 ounces was more than one serving.  Which meant double the calories, double the sugar, double the sodium and everything else. We have all eaten a pint of ice cream in one sitting, but did you…

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Fun Foods That Fight Cold & Flu

orange popsicles

With our kids all back in school, we’re starting to see some sniffles here and there with the changes of the season. As we all know, a cold can be passed around a classroom faster that you can say “hachoo.” And in turn, we can pass it off around the office. Some of the best…

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Journaling and Weight Loss

diet journal

One of our favorite features of the website that you might not be taking advantage of is the online journal where you can make a note of your goals, what you think is holding you back, ups and downs and most importantly – your successes! Journaling is a very simple tool that allows you to…

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The Ins and Outs of the Lunchbox

savory muffins

Another week of trying to figure out what to pack in your children’s lunch boxes? It’s a struggle that hits us, too, every  Monday morning. Luckily, our team found a few gems online that we’d love to share with you. They hit all the important points when considering the lunchbox including: 1. Quick and easy…

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