Have You Or Your Kids Hit A Weight Loss Plateau?


The “Plateau” What is that? In any lifestyle plan that requires one to alter their habits surrounding eating and exercise in order to attain a healthier body, there is often a period, following early, almost immediate success, where the rate of improvement drops off, in fact, there may even be a decline. In weight control…

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Cut the Sugar or Mayor Bloomberg is Right!

soda cans

Number 3 of the “5 things you can do right now” may make the most sense to the most people, but may be one of the most challenging because of the scope of the problem. By this I mean – sugar is everywhere! And there is lots of it everywhere! Much has been written about…

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A Must Read for Concerened Parents: Effects of Obesity and Inactivity in Children

medical emergency

In my practice of inpatient pediatrics and pediatric critical care, I have experienced a trend that worries me. In the last two or three months, we have had three teenagers admitted with clotting disorders. These have presented in the form of pulmonary embolus in two kids and a deep venous thrombosis in the third child.  The first child…

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Talking to Kids About Obesity Part 3: Acceptance Starts At Home


Kids and Peers, We all know that the reason we want our kids to maintain a healthy weight is just that, because it is HEALTHY. Yet, it is impossible to ignore the pressure kids feel, put upon them by TV, the fashion industry, pop culture, and their friends, to look thin, wear cool clothes and…

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Childhood Obesity: A Doctor’s Presciption for Mealtime


Often I write and speak about the need for emphasizing the family meal as a weapon against the epidemic of childhood obesity. The research points up that so many issues that threaten children and adolescents including obesity, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, truancy, school performance and many other family stressors are lessened if families spend more…

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Five Things Families Need to Know About Childhood Obesity: Part 1


Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware of the problem of childhood obesity. The nationwide conversation on the topic has never been more far reaching. Still, families are frustrated. I have no doubt that families want to help their kids lead a healthier life. But how do we do it?…

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Talking to Your Kids About Obesity Part 2: Timing is Everything


I have mentioned before that kids will give you clues when they are ready to talk about obesity. They may be very subtle, but in a climate of open communication, your children will feel comfortable bringing up potentially difficult subjects, and you will be more ready to discuss these as well. The caveat to this…

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Talking To Your Family About Childhood Obesity


As I have stated before, obesity is a very difficult subject to discuss with loved ones, especially children. Unfortunately, the issue is complicated by feelings of guilt, shame, blame and embarrassment. We have unfortunately gotten caught up in the “blame game” surrounding this issue. We want to blame advertisers, the school systems, food advertisements, fast…

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Talking About Childhood obesity: How, where, when and what?


 Obesity is a taboo. When a family member, especially a child, is overweight, it is VERY difficult for other family members to discuss the issue. Why? Because, like all taboos, the subject of obesity, particularly childhood obesity is fraught with emotion, pain, blame, shame and judgment.   In fact, the subject is often so potentially painful…

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