Journaling and Weight Loss

diet journal

One of our favorite features of the website that you might not be taking advantage of is the online journal where you can make a note of your goals, what you think is holding you back, ups and downs and most importantly – your successes! Journaling is a very simple tool that allows you to…

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The Ins and Outs of the Lunchbox

savory muffins

Another week of trying to figure out what to pack in your children’s lunch boxes? It’s a struggle that hits us, too, every  Monday morning. Luckily, our team found a few gems online that we’d love to share with you. They hit all the important points when considering the lunchbox including: 1. Quick and easy…

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5 Alternative Sources of Protein


When I was growing up in the Midwest, I would have some source of meat almost  at every meal! My parent’s told me and school told me that meat and dairy were the two most important parts of a ‘healthy’ diet for a growing child – because of their high protein and calcium content. Every…

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The Jar Plan – Good Things Do Come In Small Packages


We all want to eat healthier, whole foods, but it can sometimes be tough to source fresh, quality, organic produce…or can it? So, we reach for ready-made, single serving foods that we like. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but we can be smarter. The reasons we all love the big supermarkets are because they…

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Water Consumption and Weight Loss


Water, your best friend for weight loss! If you think about your day, how much water do you actually consume, not included in soda, fruits or foods — but, just plain water? Most American’s aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day, and they may be missing a simple key ingredient in keeping their ideal weight…

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