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Have You Or Your Kids Hit A Weight Loss Plateau?


The “Plateau” What is that? In any lifestyle plan that requires one to alter their habits surrounding eating and exercise in order to attain a healthier body, there is often a period, following early, almost immediate success, where the rate of improvement drops off, in fact, there may even be a decline. In weight control…


Journaling and Weight Loss

diet journal

One of our favorite features of the website that you might not be taking advantage of is the online journal where you can make a note of your goals, what you think is holding you back, ups and downs and most importantly – your successes! Journaling is a very simple tool that allows you to…


The Holidays and Managing Weight Loss Expectations

gingerbread man

For most people, the holidays are something we all look forward to . It’s time off with family and friends and time to celebrate. It’s also a time for office and school parties where temptations for sweets and treats can be almost overwhelming. We’ve compiled a few tips from experts around the web on how…


Are You Contributing To Your Child’s Picky Eating Habits?

boy and healthy broccoli diet on white

One of the most frequent comments we hear at AllStride is that parents find it hard to figure out what their kids will and won’t eat, especially within a weight loss regimen. This is understandable as introducing a healthier way of eating. It may also introduce new foods to your child and ones that they…


Healthy New Recipes

Guilt-Free Holiday Treats Round Up

pumpkins for halloween

We’re always on the lookout for kid-friendly snacks that do double duty as holiday treats that are healthy and easy to make. We think we’ve found some outstanding recipes that your family will definitely want to to try this year. As with any food, holiday or not, there are a few things that don’t change…


Dried Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto

mushroom risotto

What is risotto? It’s a creamy, satisfying, slow cooked rice dish. Here it’s made healthy by using brown rice, which is a whole grain, full of fiber. The creaminess comes from the rice’s natural starches, not the addition of a lot of fats like cream or butter. Cooked with fragrant dried mushrooms, available at the…


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